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J.P. Strohm has always had a love for fantasy stories and science fiction, one of the first books he ever read was J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit". He is an avid gamer of Dungeons and Dragons since the 1980's. It was through gaming he learned how to weave stories that captivated the hearts of his gaming groups.
In 2015, JAY ERICKSON requested to introduce his style of writing into the newly created world of KULDARR, J.P. Strohm graciously accepted, and assisted and co-wrote "Exactors - Tales from the Citadel"
J.P. Strohm has served in the United States military for over twenty years, and is a native of Indiana. Mr. Strohm is married to his beautiful wife Susan, and has two children; Katherine and Crystal.

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