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JAY ERICKSON grew up in the Midwest before joining the United States Air Force at the age of nineteen. An avid reader since childhood, he holds a deep love for all things fantasy and science fiction, and writing has always been his true passion.
In 2015, he took that passion further, joining the Halsbren Publishing team. His most recent full-length novels include PARIAH and RECREANT, part of the Blood Wizard Chronicles series, and he is also the author of several novellas including the Wayfarer Prince series.

In 2017, Jay entered the gaming world with the release of THE WILD TIDE, a full adventure module. He has since had additional works published in PATHFINDER ROLE-PLAYING GAMES adventure modules by Paizo Publishing LLC. You can also find several of his short stories published in  anthologies by multiple other publishing houses.
Jay currently resides in Northwest Indiana with his wife, two children, and his old English “bulldogge.” 

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